Furniture Repair

September 20, 2011 MaryMay Misc. Antique Furniture Repair

Today I worked on an 18th century mahogany chair – it is thought to be of Irish origin, and has a traditional carved acanthus leaf on the knee of a cabriole leg. There was a missing area that needed to be re-carved to match the existing style of the acanthus leaf.

I also had a job to carve 2 star-burst designs on a built-in cabinet. These designs are often seen in fireplace surrounds here in the Lowcountry. This was carved in poplar.

Much of the work I do is to embellish new furniture for new homes. When I first moved to Charleston, I had expected to get much of my work in the downtown historical homes that were being renovated. Surprisingly, though, that did not happen. It turns out that a lot of the decorative work on the historical homes are plaster work – fireplace surrounds, friezes, ceiling medallions, etc. Most of my work comes from either antique furniture restoration or new furniture or new architectural details. Wherever it comes, I love to carve, and I love the challenge of it all.

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