Class in Charleston

October 18, 2011 MaryMay Woodcarving classes

Yesterday and today I had 3 students that came to my shop to learn carving. Two came from Virginia, and one from North Carolina. It’s alway so much fun having carving classes in my own workshop – it’s usually a small enough class so each student can work on whatever they want to. It’s also small enough where you can get to know the students well. I always find it sad when the classes end, because I feel like I have made new friends, and then they go home… 

Jim, who is a very talented wood turner, wanted to learn how to put carving decorations on his turnings. Jim’s brother, Bob, wanted to learn how to embellish some of his period furniture with carvings. He decided to carve a scallop shell – the kind that would be applied to a lowboy or chair for example. And Ed wanted to learn to carve a flame finial for a period reproduction secretary he is building. They all did a really great job. It’s so great to see the progress after only 2 days.

My apprentice, Bill, came by and told WWII stories and sea stories, and brought lunch. He’s such a great guy.

I am able to set up classes like this if anyone is interested. Just let me know. The size of the class can be from 1 to 5 students. Prices depend on how many students there are.

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