Rattlesnake Tall Ship

October 24, 2011 MaryMay Uncategorized

Building the Rattlesnake

Raising the mast
Launch day

What a Beaut!


My husband, Stephen, and his father, David (www.3dstudiocreations.com), had a dream back in the early 80s to build a replica of a Spanish Privateer Tall Ship – The Rattlesnake. As you can see in the photos, the dream turned into a reality – after 4 years of many long hours, much ingenuity and incredible persistence, the ship was launched in 1986 in Lake Simcoe in Jacksons Point, Georgina, Canada – 2 hours north of Toronto.

Since I don’t have a lot of carving work right now, I thought I would brag about my family. The Rattlesnake was before my time – I would have loved to be involved in this – can you imagine the carvings you could put on this??? Actually the photo labelled “Raising the Mast” has some oak leaf and rope carving that my husband carved – it must be fate!

They did quite a bit of re-enacting shows down the east coast – that would have been so much fun. 

My husband was in his early 20s when he built the ship. I see through the way he works now that this amazing achievement at such an early age has given him the confidence to achieve anything that comes before him. I believe the Lord has given Stephen a real gift to tackle whatever comes his way. If he has never done it before, he’ll figure out how – whatever it is.

He’s a handy guy to have around… I have a right to brag, don’t I? 


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