David May, Renaissance Man

October 26, 2011 MaryMay Uncategorized

David May sculpting Alice In Wonderland figures in clay

My father-in-law, David May (www.3dstudiocreations.com), is a true Renaissance man. He was born in England, lived through the London bombings of WWII, and is just an overall amazing talent. He always reminds me of Karaticus (sp) Potts of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang who was the crazy inventor coming up with wild inventions and experimenting with his flying machines.

His skills range from portrait painting, air brush painting, woodcarving, clay sculpture, metal engraving, boat building, sign making, helicopter building (and designing), sculpture casting, wrought iron, and pretty much anything he wants to learn, he learns it – and masters it. Then he goes on to the next thing. He really is a brilliant man.

He started out running several teen magazines in London (Teen Beat was one, I think) that introduced the Beatles and Rolling Stones back in the 60s. So… if it weren’t for David, Mick Jagger might not have gotten “no satisfaction” and the Beatles may not have gotten past their garage band. You never know…

He’s got that wonderful English sense of humor too. One time I was teaching a carving class here is Charleston and I was going to be out of town for one class. I asked him stand in for me for a 2 hour class. When I came back the next week to teach, everyone wanted David back! Maybe it’s that English accent…

Check out some of his work on www.3dstudiocreations.com.

I feel so blessed to have married into such a wonderful and talented family – it is truly never a dull moment.

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