Carving wooden faces

December 11, 2011 MaryMay Carving faces

I worked on carving a face in wood over the past few days. I had originally worked on this in stone and found the shape I wanted. I still have a ways to go with the hair on both the stone and wood, but I’m getting closer to the face expression I am looking for. This is going to be for a keystone in an archway for a traditional Charleston home – I have 4 to do if my client likes the first one.

I have been distracted when talking with people over he past week by examining their faces – discovering subtle nuances that affect my carving. It’s bad when you are having a conversation with someone so focused on certain features that you’re not even listening to what they’re saying!

The eyes were definitely the hardest to get the correct expression. It’s so easy to get them either too close together, lopsided, or looking too freaky. 

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