Shell Wall Sconce almost finished

January 4, 2012 MaryMay Shell wall sconce


I worked on the lower section of the wall sconce today. There will be a brass (or some kind of metal) plate where a light will come out of – that is where the white piece of paper is, so that area is flat. I still have a little more detailing on the part that goes over the scroll to give it a more delicate look – right now it looks a little bulky compared to the delicate scroll.

I will also do some undercutting along the outer edges. It is difficult to see in the photo, but the original scroll saw cut edge is still visible in some areas. I just noticed on the photo that the acanthus part is not exactly lined up correctly with the shell, but the 2 parts are not attached yet – so that can be adjusted.

I should have this finished by tomorrow. My client is the same client that I carved the large shell niches for – an architect in New York. This will be going into the same home in St. Louis.

By the way, I have another order for THREE more shell niches! – 32″ wide x 16″ tall x 12″ deep with an acanthus design in the center where the scroll was. This detail will be similar to the acanthus detail that is going over the scroll in the photo above. These shells will go into a historic home in Louisville, KY.

Lots of exciting work coming up! Maybe even some Charleston rice beds.

It is going to be a truly blessed year…

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