February, 2012

Oak Leaf Carving on Kings Head Bracket

February 27, 2012 MaryMay Kings Head Bracket

Finished carving next to the original

I am continuing to work on the King’s Head Bracket where the top portion is a carved oak leaf decoration. Since these will be about 15 feet up in the air, it is important that the shadow lines are very aggressive. Real exact detail is not really necessary for this kind of carving, as it […]



New Web Site Plans

February 24, 2012 MaryMay Wood Carving Tips

I have recently had issues with people taking my DVDs and making them available for free download. I am assuming it is some company from overseas, and taking any legal action will be too much for my little company to handle. So, I am considering changing my DVD/film process. – Make a new web site […]



Acanthus Carving Article for the Society of American Period Furniture Makers

February 21, 2012 MaryMay Society of American Period Furniture Makers

Here is the article I wrote for the Society of American Period Furniture Makers 2009 yearly journal. Their web site is www.sapfm.org. They are a great organization that focuses on everything to do with period furniture. If you become a member you can have access to quite a few very detailed furniture plans on their […]



Intermediate Carving class in Greenville, SC

February 21, 2012 MaryMay Woodcarving classes

finished leaf

We had a great class in Greenville, SC. The projects were difficult, but everyone did very well and learned a lot about that mysterious classical leaf – the acanthus. Once you study this wonderful ornament, you begin to see it everywhere – on picture frames, architectural features, wallpaper, etc. As you can see from the […]



Progress on carving the Kings Head

February 16, 2012 MaryMay Kings Head Bracket


…and the work continues on the king’s head. It is surprising how much work is involved in this. I am referring to the original one that is falling to pieces from being out in the weather, so it is necessary to get the face expression and gauntness of the face like the original. It will […]



Mardi Gras Walking Heads

February 10, 2012 MaryMay Uncategorized

Shrek walking head

My father-in-law, David May (www.3dstudiocreations.com) has just completed making several light-weight walking heads for a local Mardi Gras Ball. They really turned out amazing. These are the ones you see in the parades setting on top of shoulders.  If you have ever seen the Charleston Mayor, you will see the very clear resemblance. I watched him make […]



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