March, 2012

Photos on carving the Concave Newport Shell

March 27, 2012 MaryMay Newport Shell


Hello everyone. I’m heading off the the airport in about 45 minutes. I ran across some photos of the process of carving the concave newport shell and wanted to quickly get them up on my blog. It’s not a complete process, but shows the basic steps. Have fun!



Concave Newport Shell

March 24, 2012 MaryMay Newport Shell


Well, it has been a week of preparation and business – nothing really to show for it – and I hate to go more than a week without putting in another blog post, so I’m taking some from my archives. Here is an instruction sheet I put together on how to carve the concave Newport […]



Beginning Class in Greenville, SC

March 18, 2012 MaryMay Woodcarving classes

with curved gouges (from #5, 6mm to #7, 12mm) lower down petals to vertical cuts

Another great class in Greenville. It’s funny that I can’t seem to find many students here in Charleston, but the ones interested in learning carving in the Greenville area seems unlimited. Ahh – an artist is never recognized in her own town??? I really love to teach beginning classes – to see the change from […]



Mitered Corner

March 15, 2012 MaryMay Egg and Dart Molding

Mitered corner with acanthus leaf

Just a quick post, as it is late and I have to get up early tomorrow to drive to Greenville, SC to teach another beginning class. I was debating on whether to carve a shamrock, since it is St. Patricks Day, but I think the Camelia will be better. I’ll decide on the drive up […]



Carving an acanthus leaf on a mitered corner

March 13, 2012 MaryMay Egg and Dart Molding

Cut a 45 degree angle cut around all outside edges of leaf

Here is the process of carving a very simple acanthus leaf on the inside miter of egg and dart molding. These are used to make a nice transition at the corner. Sometimes they are very complex and detailed, and sometimes they are just barely an image of an acanthus leaf. But it is definitely a […]



Carving Egg and Dart Molding

March 8, 2012 MaryMay Egg and Dart Molding

Step 27: Finished!

I have been working on carving a large egg and dart molding in quarter sawn white oak. I have spent a lot of time sharpening my tools, because about 90% of the time I am putting my chisels into the wood, I am using a mallet. This is HARD wood! But it really is very […]



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