June, 2012

The Woodwright’s Shop Filming

June 23, 2012 MaryMay Wood Carving Tips


I spent the past 2 days rehearsing and filming a new show with Roy Underhill for the PBS show “The Woodwright’s Shop”. Since I was in his show and went through this process 3 years ago, I sort of knew the whole set-up and what the procedure was, so it didn’t take as long as […]



Marble Hand Finished

June 19, 2012 MaryMay Carving Hands


I finished the repair job for the marble hand. This is for a cemetary in Savannah, GA. Frank Genelo is doing the repairs to the rest of the statue. It was pushed over in a grave yard and the wings were smashed. His job is to sort out all the bits and pieces of wing […]



Lucy Churchill, Stone Carver

June 7, 2012 MaryMay Wood Carving Tips


When I was working in Malaysia as a stone carver helping to carve architectural decoration for a mansion in Kuala Lumpur, I worked with a very talented stone carver from England, Lucy Churchill (www.lucychurchill.com). She is a dear friend and a real talent, and I just wanted to share her web site. She was the one that first put […]



Finished up Celtic Design

June 5, 2012 MaryMay Celtic design


    I finished the Celtic/Scandanavian design in oak. Here are the final photos. I’ve been spending much of my time editing and formatting videos for my new online school. So far I’ve got 10 videos projects with hopes of getting at least 20 by the time it is ready to go in July. The only […]



Carving Leaf Molding

June 4, 2012 MaryMay Wood Carving Tips

After a light sanding to soften over the chisel marks

This is a demonstration of how to carve a simple leaf molding in poplar. This project was for Greg Guenther in Savannah, GA. Notice that the technique is mainly stop cuts (and not my typical v-cut first) with a mallet. Poplar, because of its soft, spongy characteristic, really handled the stop cuts very well without having any […]



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