December, 2012

Beautiful Hand-made Mallets for Sale

December 27, 2012 MaryMay Tools

Brass Mallet

I am going to start selling hand-made mallets. These are beautifully crafted steel and brass headed mallets – approximately 1.5 lbs each (my preferred weight for mallets). The handles are skillfully turned in Walnut, Cocobollo, or Cherry. The specific handle details vary slightly, but that shows that they are individually made. David Reilly, who assists me in […]



Denim Tool Roll

December 24, 2012 MaryMay Wood Carving Tips

I have been asked recently how to make a tool roll that can safely carry tools. I made mine over 20 years ago, when I first started carving – and it is in amazingly good condition after a lot of use. I guess that says a lot for Levis! As durable as they come! When […]



One More Post on the Dragon Carving

December 19, 2012 MaryMay Dragon Carving


I spent quite a long time cleaning up the outside edges of the dragon carving, so minimal saw marks were left on the edges. I also did a lot of undercutting on the edges to really give the leaves and dragon a more 3-dimensional appearance when you look at it straight on. I used foam padding […]



New video up on techniques of clamping wood

December 17, 2012 MaryMay Videos

I just posted another video on my woodcarving school site on techniques I use to clamp the wood securely – for protection of me, and protection of the wood. I probably use some unorthodox ways of holding wood, but I simply use what holds the wood the tightest, and also allows me to have access to […]



Finished with Dragon Carving

December 11, 2012 MaryMay Dragon Carving

Finished dragon carving

I will be finishing up the dragon carving this week – just in time for Christmas! I made a successful silicone rubber mold (always a scarey process for me) and once I have the video edited (6 hours maybe?) I will have the casting available for purchase and may even consider making it out of resin […]



Greenville Intro to Woodcarving Class

December 5, 2012 MaryMay Wood Carving Tips


I taught a very quick Intro to Woodcarving Class at the Greenville, SC Woodcraft Supply store. I drove up Friday morning (3-1/2 hour drive), taught for 4 hours Friday afternoon, then again 4 hours Saturday morning, and then drove home Saturday afternoon. A whirlwind of a trip. We were able to cover how to sharpen a […]



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