Greenville Intro to Woodcarving Class

December 5, 2012 MaryMay Wood Carving Tips

I taught a very quick Intro to Woodcarving Class at the Greenville, SC Woodcraft Supply store. I drove up Friday morning (3-1/2 hour drive), taught for 4 hours Friday afternoon, then again 4 hours Saturday morning, and then drove home Saturday afternoon. A whirlwind of a trip. We were able to cover how to sharpen a curved gouge, how to sharpen a v-chisel, how to carve a donut (everybody’s favorite) and then the fabulous camellia flower. It was a lot to cover in 8 hours, but we got through it and everyone did great – with a flower to give someone for Christmas!

Paul and Brenda Patterson, who own the Woodcraft Supply store, are great people and they always spoil me when I teach at their store.

I also met with some dear friends for lunch Saturday – David and Renee Gillespie. They are a couple that seems to have time-travelled from the 18th century into this modern time. David is a very talented slate carver and just published a wonderful book on historical slate grave stones – you can purchase it through their web site – Renee is a spinner (makes yarn on a spinning wheel) and makes some beautiful yarn. They travel quite often to revolutionary war reenactment festivals and set up their store that sells all sorts of 18th century items. They really work hard to stick with the integrity of the period.

I have a ball and claw class scheculed in Greenville for January 25 & 26 - two full days. And then I have another beginning class tentatively scheduled for May 10 & 11.

And now I get to sit home for a few months and catch up on videos and writing articles and finishing carving projects and maybe actually get some sleep!

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