Kings Head Bracket

King’s Head Bracket Finished and Gone!

March 4, 2012 MaryMay Kings Head Bracket

Me posing with the finished king's head

Another of my babies left today – bittersweet. I finished the king’s head bracket, and the client picked it up today and was very happy with it. It was quite a push to get it finished, but I am happy with the results – his expression was as close to the original as I could […]



Oak Leaf Carving on Kings Head Bracket

February 27, 2012 MaryMay Kings Head Bracket

Finished carving next to the original

I am continuing to work on the King’s Head Bracket where the top portion is a carved oak leaf decoration. Since these will be about 15 feet up in the air, it is important that the shadow lines are very aggressive. Real exact detail is not really necessary for this kind of carving, as it […]



Progress on carving the Kings Head

February 16, 2012 MaryMay Kings Head Bracket


…and the work continues on the king’s head. It is surprising how much work is involved in this. I am referring to the original one that is falling to pieces from being out in the weather, so it is necessary to get the face expression and gauntness of the face like the original. It will […]



More on carving a King’s Head

February 7, 2012 MaryMay Kings Head Bracket


I got a little farther on the king’s head. I can’t get over what a great personality this guy has. The wood that I am using is Spanish Cedar, as it deals with weather the best. We use it down here in SC for windows because it survives the extreme heat and humidity, and also it […]



Carving a Large Bracket with a Kings Head

February 6, 2012 MaryMay Kings Head Bracket

His personality is coming out

I have a very interesting and also challenging project going on. I am re-making a large wooden bracket with a king’s head carved on it. It is probably about 60 to 80 years old, was positioned on the outside of the house (in Birmingham, Alabama), and is very dry and weathered. The original is extremely fragile, and pieces […]



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