Shell Niches

Shell Niches Finished and Delivered

May 13, 2013 MaryMay Shell Niches


I just finished 3 large shell niches and handed them off to the client last Friday. It’s always an odd emotional experience sending off a creation after  having it in my shop for so long. These shells are very unique in that instead of just a scroll in the center of the shell, there is […]



More progress on carving the shell niche

May 5, 2012 MaryMay Shell Niches

My companion, Bandid, giving me moral support

I’ve made some good progress on the acanthus detail in the center of the shell niche. I am happy with the way it is turning out. Many times I will draw the design on paper first, but with the scroll design and the contours involved, I really needed to draw the design straight on the […]



Grinding away the shell niche

April 30, 2012 MaryMay Shell Niches

This is the part of the job I'd like to hire out

Here is a photo of me grinding away the inside of the shell to shape the surface before carving the flutes. Soon I should be at a point where I can start to carve the scroll and acanthus detail in the center. That very fine basswood dust sticks to everything! I like hand carving – […]



Starting Another Shell Niche

April 28, 2012 MaryMay Shell Niches

My cat using up one of his 9 lives

I am working on one of three shell niches that I am carving for a historical home in Louisville, KY. These are quite a bit larger than the previous shell niches I did. These are 32″ wide x 16″ tall x 12″ deep. My husband figured out the measurements and band-sawed out much of the basswood before […]



Installation of shell niche

January 20, 2012 MaryMay Shell Niches

almost finished cabinet

  I just received a photo of one of the installed shell niches that I carved. There will be a mirror behind the lattice, and the curved cabinet and shell still needs to be painted. I will post another photo once it is completely finished. I wonder what will be in the niche????



My babies have been shipped

September 13, 2011 MaryMay Shell Niches

Between dealing with broken down vehicles, working on getting the shells boxed up ready to ship, and saying goodbye to my babies (shells, that is) after working on them for 4 weeks (3 weeks of actual carving) - it has been quite a whirlwind of a day. I finally got the shells shipped about 4:00 by […]



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