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A 2-Wren Tree Clock

This is a project just finished, and the idea was a clock nestled into a tree fork.

The timber is Sassafras, with a dial of Eucalypt plywood.

It measures 9 inches wide by 12 inches high

The Superb Fairy Wren - commonly called ¨Blue Wren¨ - is one of Australia´s best loved birds.

It is rarely still for more than a few seconds, and has a high pitched trill.


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Wade Hehr

Oh wow. That is really beautiful! And unique wood that I have never had an opportunity to carve. Congratulations!

Very nice, and all the more special that you incorporated native flora/fauna.  - BillP

Thanks Mary and Bill. Its not hard to find beauty in Nature!

The dark heart of some Sassafras pieces can present a challenge as it can distract from the scene being carved.  I had to shellac/seal and paint the wrens and some leaves to blend in. Three sticks of wood were used with dovetail joins at the top corners and a bridle join at the bottom vee, as can be seen in this pic.

Using separate sticks allowed me to apply Mary´s livestream lesson on designing elements which are (mainly) aligned with the wood, not across the grain, reducing fragility. The overlap at the top corners gave the opportunity to add some extra detail behind the front features.


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