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a beaver in a hat

I seen this in the Wood Carver Magazine and will try something close lol maybe.  I found  a wood log at the beach and it was mahogany. the tail side of the beaver was like cutting butter, the head end was very hard think the salt got in the wood.  A big differences in the cutting from either end. Used a band saw to block out the shape close to what i was carving. first time trying this.  will post finished project


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Oh, what fun!! And what a beach find!!

I'm wondering if "found" wood on a beach had silica or sand in it? How did your carving tools hold up?

Have fun and I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

had to keep sharpening them. Was still a lot of fun have a few more pieces of found wood going to try soaking them for a while first once they are blocked out. But i don't think it will help. maybe with the drying out that I seen in the first carving. Used a polyurethane to finish bever.  Usually I don't use this on wood but i keep putting on an oil finish and it would absorb it very fast when the oil stayed on the surface for a few days i sprayed it with a poly coat so that it would keep. Also its going to school with my wife and the first grader are hard on things.

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