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Adding Pictures to Posts

Ok, I must be atrophying quicker than I thought.

When I select the "Upload Files:" below, I get a dialog box, then I select the file I want to upload.

The file name appears next to the "Choose File" button down below.  So far so good.

But, how in the heck do I get it to put it in the post?

The file size is 295 Kb according to Windows/Properties so it should fit according to the limits down below.

I am going to add one in here just to see if it does it all by itself ??????


Uploaded files:
  • Murphy-2.jpg

Hey, that worked!  Evidently files are added at the end of the post!  That is ok by me, not what I am used to, but then I was used to gas prices being .37 a gallon too.


Oh, BTW, that pic is Murphy, our almost 3 year old chocolate lab.  He is an unbelievably good dog.  Has the total run of the place 24/7, never wrecks anything, does not beg, just a really happy guy.  He will let you know about 5 times a day that it is time to go out and play though.  He just sits down next to one of us and gives us "the stare".

Nice boy, your Murphy, you must carve this picture in relief

After a year I just figured out how to post pic's the the student gallery.  Let's see if I can figure it out here???

If not,,,, HELP!

IT WORKED,  Acanthus leaves with Sunburst

Uploaded files:
  • IMG_20180107_135009.jpg

A closer look at the Acanthus,

Uploaded files:
  • IMG_20180107_135244.jpg

Very nice

Oooh Michael. You've been having fun! Looks great!

Keep having fun!

Mary,  you're a great teacher!  Your videos and book are easy to follow.

Thanks Michael! Your carvings really are looking great. Keep challenging yourself with more complex projects and it's amazing how you will progress.