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All you lovers of ornamental wood carving

I’ve discovered a wonderful book which really helps me with my carving.  It’s full of beautiful images just waiting to be transferred to wood and is called ‘Cusack’s Freehand Ornament’ by Charles Armstrong.  Whilst being ancient it has been reprinted by a company called Forgotten Books.  I got mine from Amazon for £9.99 and it’s worth every penny.

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SmokyRick Crawford

Hmm, I’ll bite...just dropped it in my amazon cart. Thanks for the heads up!

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Lucy Fox

Thank you, Really nice.

If your a cheapskate there is a free digital version at the Internet Archive. The site is a great place to find old media that is in the public domain.



Oh Wow. I think I'm going to have to order this one. Thank you! What a wealth of design and technique! I think if I printed out the free one, it would probably cost more than ordering it just in paper and ink.

Thanks!! That look like a great resource, it's in my cart!!