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Brazilian Cherry, aka Jatoba

I plan to follow Mary's lesson on carving a pie crust table top.  Is a tropical hardwood like this out of the question for this project?


I'm new to carving and don't know if a wood like this is doable or not.


Many thanks, Tom.


I'll take a shot at this since no one else has. I've never carved Jatoba but after reading up on it I think I'd pass on it for this project. Seems it's very hard plus it commonly has silica deposits. Both the hardness and the silica will dull your tools quickly and you'll spend a lot of time sharpening. If I was going to do this project I'd look for real cherry or walnut. Both are hard, though from what I read not as hard as Jotoba, and neither have silica deposits. I've carved both walnut and cherry and find they carve well and hold detail well. My preference would be cherry.

As for being new to carving, from what I've seen of Mary's lessons she goes step-by-step and you should have no trouble following along.

Just my opinion so take it for what it's worth.