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Car relief

I have watched Marys video, Carving a classical Ribbon to help with the scarve.. But I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Any tips would appreciated.

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I think I see what you mean...it’s the line you have on the top of the linear length of the scarf. If you keep it in one continuous curving line instead of having the sharp angles, it will have that 3d effect. Kind of like a linenfold carving. Looks like it might be able to be changed depending on how deep your relief is?

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Thanks a lot Mathew, I will give it a try.


There are a few more lessons that might help: https://www.marymaycarving.com/carvingschool/2012/07/26/linenfold-carving-ribbon-style-introduction/

and https://www.marymaycarving.com/carvingschool/2012/08/02/linenfold-carving-drapery-style-introduction/

These focus on keeping the edge of the ribbon continually curving with no breaks. Try taking a piece of clay, roll it out thin, and fold it like a ribbon, exactly like you are trying to show.

If you want, I can draw that design and show you the highs and lows. Let me know if you have conquered it and if you need more guidance.

Thanks for recommending the lessons Mary, Have watched them. I understand it a lot better now.

I ended up going ahead & carving the scarve before you recommended the lessons.   Just have to finish them.   I probably did "break the edge of the ribbon".  If I decide to carve another ribbon, Next time I will be better prepared.

thank you Mathew & Mary for advice.

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That turned out great with a lot of illusion of depth. It's tricky when there are so many overlapping elements to not let it get too deep. Great job!

That really came out nice. never thought to do a car like that, My grandson would love it. great job and thank you for the idea. You really have a lot going on in that picture very nice.