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Carving Tools

I've been carving on and off for several years. But palm tools just don't  get it. I've been meaning  to buy some real carving tools. Mary or anybody would you recommend  the beginner set of fishtails or something else

Hi Greg,

Go to the menu at the footer of the website to "Suppliers of Tools and Materisla", or go here: https://www.marymaycarving.com/carvingschool/where-to-buy-tools/

Chipping Away has tool sets, with some of the "regulars" on backorder. You might want to call them to find out specifically which ones they are waiting for.

Happy shopping!

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Greg Messick

Thanks Mary I've been eyeballing that beginner fishtail set.


I just purchased the Fishtail Set from Chipping Away on 05/31 and at that time they had four of the six in stock, the two that are currently back-ordered for me are the #5F-14mm, and #7F-14mm.


Thanks for the info Jeff

Hi Greg,

You might want to take a look at the full sized set of tools offered by Schaaf Tools on Amazon. I bought a set a while back and really like them. They don't offer fishtails yet (they are a small relatively small company) but the set has a decent variety and they say they intend to offer some move choices in the future. Mary has indicated in another post that she was going to look into the brand and I understand that Woodcarving Illustrated is going to do a review on them so you might want to wait until that information becomes available. They do require some initial shaping and sharpening (what new tools don't) but I didn't have any problem with that and they have served me well. If you go to their website and sign up for their list they will send you a 10% discount code for first purchase. For the record, I am not connected with the company, just a very happy customer and would really like to hear if anyone else has bought from them. I hope they offer some fishtails or allongee tools soon.