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Vase with low relief leaves

I carved and shaped the vase using traditional carving tools, and a Japanese rasp. it is jointed lime wood block 4inches x 10. Sharing some pics of my progress
Thank you for looking,



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Casey Patton

Thanks Casey

Hello Imran,

That's nice work! Was that carved in basswood or poplar. If it is poplar, that is a very challenging wood.

It's difficult to tell if this was turned first. Often that is how these are carved. Turn the basic urn, and then carve the surface.

Have fun!

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imran sajan

Thanks Mary.  Its mostly basswood. I was short of basswood in  a section when I glued the initial bloc of wood so there is some poplar (Wish I would not have done that). I don't have a lathe so the vase was carved/shaped  by traditional carving tools and rasps. Thanks for looking.