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Classic Chippendale style mirror lessons?

I sent Mary and email today asking if she would consider adding lessons on carving a classically styled Chippendale mirror.  Then I thought I should have asked on the forum since others might be interested.  I know there are plans out there for building a Chippendale mirror but none of them are very classical, and none carved or in any detail that I could find.  I'd appreciate knowing about any plans others might know about.  But, truly, having Mary do a series of lessons on a Chippendale mirror replicated from some original or of her own design would be a real gift.

Hi Ron, I would love to do a project on that. The difficulty is that it can get SO long with all the details. But it's a great idea and something that is definitely missing from the lessons. Let me work through how I would present this and keep it a reasonable length lesson and will try and work it into a future lesson (or more likely many lessons).