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Classical carving in TV media

I just wanted to observe two instances of classical carving on TV recently:

  1.  The intro to Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia mini-series
  2. The NBC program “The Good Place” Third season.  Apparently the set designers felt there would be a lot of classically carved wood (overmantel, furniture) in Heaven.

Both good programs, BTW.

- Bill Pierce

I'm not familiar with either one. I'll check them out. I enjoyed watching "The Crown" with all the amazing decoration and furniture. I had a difficult time paying attention to the storyline. "Did you see that fireplace mantel?" my husband would say. "Yup - already there".

Oh. Totally.  We watch a lot of period British TV, partly for the classical architecture and ornament.

I enjoyed watching a number of British shows because I liked looking at the architecture and craft in the scene or background. Midsomer Murders is one example. Foyl's War I think was another. I spent a lot of time on Paused to peruse the background.