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Congratulations on the Forum!

I was thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a forum for this website and was going to suggest one and then thought better of it since it takes time to manage one of these things.

This is a great!  Thank you very much for providing this forum.

You're very welcome! Honestly, I have been reluctant to start one because I wasn't sure what kind of time it would consume, and I really don't want to have so many things to keep track of that I begin to let the quality of my work falter (whether it be videos, teaching, or commissions). But I love the interaction so far (it's only been 1 day), so we shall see. I'm here on the other side of the camera. You are out there watching the lessons. I am hoping that this will create more of a community feel - whether interaction between myself and students or students interacting with other students. I look forward to seeing (and hope to participate if time allows) in the discussions. Happy carving everyone!

Thanks for adding me. I am not very chatty but I will tell others of this site since it contains great info.


Thanks for joining Rufus. We welcome any questions, suggestions or comments. This is more about learning and sharing than anything.

This forum really seems to be heating up!  Lots more additions the last couple of days!   Thanks, Mary!

SmokyRick, I hope a lot more people get involved. I know there are a lot of questions out there. Please spread the word! Thanks!