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DMT’s New Gouge Sharpening Tool the “Wave”

I’m looking to purchase some sharpening stones and was browsing DMT’s website and noticed their new tool designed for gouges. It’s called the Wave and has both concave and convex curves from maybe a few millimeters to quite large. Below is a link.

I'm looking for opinions—educated guesses—on this product before I procure anything. I had planned on getting the 6 inch fine and extra extra fine diamond plates.

I also need recommendations for slip stones as I have never used one.


Thank you,



Its been talked about before on the forum, but I can’t find where. I believe the concensus was that it’s too aggressive to really be useful, and that the useful area depending on your gouge size is just to small. I believe it was a thoughtful attempt at making gouge sharpening easier, but just not practical.

As for slipstones, not much has been said here about them. I bought a black ark slip stone when I first got started, and still use it to this day. Mostly it’s just to aid in burr removal, so it doesn’t need to be aggressive. As for the DMT, that’s what I use, and find them great. I just purchased an 8000 grit Shapton for final hone/polish, and I works like a champ.

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As Matthew mentioned, the Wave is really too aggressive to simply remove a burr from the inside of a gouge. I have one and tested it out for a while. I found that it can easily reshape the inside of the gouge, as it is a 1200 grit. I don't think I would ever use a 1200 grit diamond plate for final honing, so I definitely think a 1200 grit "slip stone" would not be fine enough.

I agree that the best slip stone is a hard or black Arkansas stone. They hold up amazingly well, are fine enough to simply remove the wire edge, and you can get them in all shapes and sizes. I sell a small Arkansas slip stone that works for many sizes on my store.

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Spyderco  Knife Company makes & sells ceramic sharpening stones. Flat & slip stones. I've had mine for many years.


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Thank you for your answers, it has really helped. I went ahead and bought the 8000 DMT plate and found an old transparent Arkansas slip stone at a garage sale. Thank you again for your help.


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Hi, I have a wave and I cover the back with a piece of leather, it is great for stropping both inside & out side edges, one wave covers all sizes.

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