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Double Sided Tape Recommendation

Hello All,

I'm new to the forum.

In Mary's first video she mentions a golfer's grip tape as the best option for taping an applique to a base board for carving and easy release.  She wrote and said that she uses the "Bron" brand, which I can not find.

Does anyone have any recommendations?  Amazon is any easy source for me so items on Amazon are appreciated.  Please stay clear of products that you have not actually used.

I am interested in a double sided tape with good adhesion but also easy to release without prying.  A manufacturer and model number are very helpful

Thank you.



Here's a link to Bron's website...not sure if you can order direct. Maybe it can get you moving in the right direction?


I am pretty sure Bron only sells wholesale to specialty stores. If you go into any sporting good store (Dick's, Sports Authority) or a specialty golf supply store, they should have some you can look at, maybe even do a small test (if they're nice). Don't get the tape that requires an activator to make it sticky. It should be sticky on both sides right from the roll (or sometimes they sell them in pre-cut strips). The rolls usually are a much better deal, as it takes me a long time to go through one.

Double-sided duct tape (Shurtape) works great for short-term projects (removed with denatured alcohol), but be careful about leaving your carvings attached for too long or the tape changes structure or dries and does not release easily. I learned the hard way with this. So far, the double sided golf grip tape has not been a problem, but I will report any issues.

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Rob Drown

Thank you both for your kind advice.  The paper-backed double-sided tape sounds like a wonderful idea.  Easy Peasy.

The link to the Bron website was very helpful.

I have a Sports Authority nearby and can stop there for a look.

Ask a question, get very helpful answers.  I love this.  🙂