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files for sawn edges

I have been having some success using files on the edges of relief carvings that were sawn with a scroll/band/coping saw.  It has the advantages that it does not run as much risk of splitting out the back of the carving and is less likely to leave tool marks than vertical gouge cuts.

I take the piece off the backer board and put it on its side in my face vice.  Fine, half-round files provide enough flexibility for convex and concave edges and leave an "adequate" surface on edges that are less visible.  Hope someone else finds this useful.

Hi Bill, That should work fine. Great suggestion.

My problem is, it's sort of like how I feel about sand paper - I'd much rather have carving tools in my hand than making dust. But that's just me...

Quite often (depending on the design), when I clean up the edges with the carving tool, I also do some undercutting at the same time. Very fine rasps or files will work great if you simply want to leave the edges vertical, but remove saw cuts.

I'm trying to get to a point where my saw blade is so small, that the saw marks are minimal. The difficulty comes when you cut something like mahogany, or thicker wood, and 1/8" blade is the thinnest you can use. So, saw marks seem to be a part of life if you want to cut the profile of the carving out.