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Fruit and Flower Festoon

I've been meaning to post this for a while. This carving comes from a pattern in Steve Bisco's book "Twenty Decorative Carving Projects in Period Styles." The wood is bass wood, 24 inches long and the original blank was about 4 1/2'" thick before being rounded over. As Steve Bisco suggests in his book I started at the bottom roughing in the elements and when I got to the top I started working back down doing the detail work. I'm about half way down. My goal is to be finished by mid-October for my club's annual juried show. I started working on it last September. At this point I'm not sure what kind of finish I'm going to put on it.

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Hi Jim,

Nice work! I think you will really enjoy the next lesson of the fruit and flower basket. There are many similarities. And you will need to get out your micro-tools to fit into some of those deep shadow areas. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Finally finished. Took me about 10 months but that's not working on it every day. Finish is three spray coats of Deft satin and paste wax.

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That is really nice, watching all the projects that everyone is doing shows me i have a long way to go, The prize at the end looks worth it.

thank you for sharing


Thank you. Just keep making wood chips. Every carving is a learning experience.