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Just started this gargoyle yesterday...hopefully I can finish roughing out the front and rear side today. I love these little guys...if anyone wants to try these, pick up Shawn Cipa’s book, Carving Gargoyles. It’s a really neat read and idea finder.

The only thing I changed is by using basswood instead of butternut like he did. Really hard to find butternut in the Nashville area, unless you fancy a road trip!

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These gargoyles are fun especially when you get to the details, although getting to the details is somewhat daunting.  The neat part is you don't have to be so cautious about accurate facial anatomy as these subjects are caricatures for the most part.  There used to be a group of carvers near you in Liepers Fork who may have a ready source of butternut.

Finished roughing out and starting on the details...been a fun carve so far!

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Hey, that's looking great!  You are doing a fine job there.  That is a great start.

Looks fun,  I've NEVER been able to draw, mold or carve people or animals well,  caricature the way to go. Your gargoyle looks how I feel in the mornings,

???  What Carving Vise are you using and do you like it???

Thanks much Rick and Michael.

Michael, I use the Veritas carving vise. Ive used it for about a year now...I have nothing else to compare it to, but I think it works pretty well for me. It’s easy to adjust to any angle I need with a quick loosening and tightening of the handle. The only quirk I have is that if I have a larger carving on it and am roughing out on the outer edges of the blank, it can spin a little on me if I don’t have the handle tightened down enough. Not enough to be unsafe or anything, but it gives you a start when you aren’t expecting it! I attached it to my go anywhere carving “table top” that I made from hard maple...makes it very sturdy and mobile. Long story less long, I like it and will be using it for as long as it will keep doing the good job that it does.

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Matthew, he is amazing! Super character in his face. I would feel nervous and like I was being watched if I walked under him. (did you ever have that feeling you were being watched?)

Ha...he is turning out on the creepy side, even tho he was supposed to have a somewhat smile!

Calling it finished, or I’ll keep shaving away here and there till nothing is left. I’ll give him the same aged stone finish as the last and tuck him away in the library with his cohorts.

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Very nice!  I like how he seems to be climbing out of a box.  Cool!