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Getting started

I just received my gouges and some wood today! But the #3 - 6mm fishtail (the most useful!?) was back-ordered. Alas!
The wood as it arrived is a little rough - not as smooth as it looks in the getting started videos. Should I run it through a planer before I dig in?

Here's my first donut!

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Yay! Great start! It's a great lesson for beginning, isn't it? Everything else that you carve is just a misshapen donut 🙂

It is nicer to work with wood with a smooth surface, so I would recommend either running it through a planer, or use a hand planer to smooth the surface. It's also a lot easier to transfer a design to a smooth, clean surface.

Sorry to hear about the #3, 6mm backordered. I guess it's a popular tool...

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