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Gothic Tracery Window Panel...

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I'll start by saying I might be biting off a lot to chew with this! It's roughly 18x29" of white oak. I'm in awe of how they made these windows so large 400 hundred years ago, so I'll not complain too much.

My concern tho, is that I had to glue up 2 boards for this, and the seam runs just right of center. I tried to find a line that would have the most contact between both sides from top to bottom. If I cut out all of the openings, it still doesn't leave much. Question to all of you smarter folk out there: Should I open it up like it should be, or just ground out all of the openings to ensure good contact between the two panels? I'm on the fence, but am leaning towards having it as a pierced panel and maybe screwing it together on the back if it looks like it might be too fragile.


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I say go for it. With oak, it will be strong, and it doesn't look like there are any areas that will create unnecessarily fragile areas.

Good deal...pierced panel it is. Thanks much!

Started roughing out the openings today!

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Looking great! That oak is a challenge, isn't it?

Yes, yes it is! This is the first white oak I've carved...my previous oak carvings have all been red oak. White oak doesn't seem to tear as easily, at least on this panel. I enjoy carving oak tho, even with the numerous grain changes on all of these circles.

That looks like it should keep you out of trouble for a good bit of time.  How much time have you got into it at this point?  Looks like a good start on it.

I've spent a week on it so far...about 2-3 hours a day. Sadly, I have family coming in to keep me away from carving for the next week, or I would be done with it!

Back to carving after a long week and change away from home...looked forward to finishing this the whole time I was gone!

If all goes well, I should be done with the front in another day or two, then I'll flip it over and recess the rear openings to match the front. I'm loving white oak a lot more than red, and will pick up more soon for future projects!

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Ammonia fuming worked great...8 hours and a coat of Danish Oil later! Going to let it dry overnight and then brush on some Renaissance Wax. Time to move something off a wall to make some room. ?

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