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Gothic Tracery Window Panel...

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That turned out amazing! And oak of all woods...

I need to do a lesson on gothic tracery... on my "to do" list.

Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed carving the white oak, and I doubly enjoyed the gothic tracery. This is something I will make again in the near future. I’ve been researching all kinds of tracery, and there are tracery carvings with details that will make my compass and ruler run away crying.

As for the white oak, I’m off to buy more. It was great to carve, with tighter grain than red oak. It doesn’t crumble like red does, and even tho it’s supposed to be harder, I couldn’t tell the difference.

Looking forward to your tracery lesson now!

That turned out lovely.  Just great!   Congrats on a job well done.

It looks fantastic. Reminds me of confession booth from when I was a kid lol. Really nice work.

Thank you both...very much appreciated.

Very nice Mattthew, You really hit the mark on this. I'm also very intrigued by gothic architecture and would love to carve this in a lesson. I'm assuming you scroll it out first? I'm sharing a couple photos of a clocks, hope it's proper etiquette to share on your post.

The clock was made in Eisenbach Germany, a region of the Black Forest by J. Beha. The resemblance to your trace carving is quite similar so I thought you would enjoy seeing it. I carved the missing Cuckoo door and pendulum bob, still need to carve the top most final much like the other two only larger. Your cuts around the triple circles (for lack of a better term) are just as they are on the clock!

Again great job!

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Thank you Jim. I used a drill and jigsaw to take out the large inside sections...not much to it!

And that clock is awesome...definitely something that gains my interest. Thank you much for sharing, and good job restoring the missing pieces.

I really have enjoyed gothic tracery...I’m starting another one next week. Go big or go home, the next one will be about 2 feet by 4 feet. Can’t wait to dive in...more to follow!

Just finished transferring new image to a large white oak piece. Have a lot going on lately, so this will probably be a half-marathon. Looking forward to it though!

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After a looooong month of furniture making, I finally was able to pick up a gouge today! Started carving into the 2ft x 4ft tracery window...

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Complete dismay. Yesterday as I’m nearing the end of roughing the front on this window, I discovered this crack. It runs through the whole thickness of the stock, and 3/4 of the way down the window.

I’ve invested about 20 hours on it so far, and there’s no way it will get tossed. Need some thoughts on repairing from the crowd here. I would rather not rip it apart just to glue it, even tho I feel that would be the strongest fix. I don’t want to take the chance of splintering carved portions. Only thing I can think of is to epoxy the crack on the front and put some well placed butterfly splines on the back.

Any suggestions?

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