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Greek Urn?

Hello Mary

Just thought of an idea for a possible lesson which would useful for both beginners and the more experienced carvers - how about a lesson on carving a Greek urn in low relief?  It could have designs on it such as beading and flutes and other ornamental details? Best wishes, Lucy

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Michael DuncanMatthew MiznerSmokyRick Crawford

Hi Lucy,

I have a lesson similar here: https://www.marymaycarving.com/carvingschool/2017/01/05/carving-a-classical-lamp-introduction/

Have you seen it? Just a different shaped "urn", but has a lot of elements you mentioned.

Oh wonderful and many thanks,


"One Grecian Urn, Two Grecian Urns ..."  This was a quote from the movie The Music Man made a LONG time ago.

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