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harvesting wood from tree

I have a basswood tree that fell in our bush. The base is about 12 inch diameter.   I plan to try cutting the wood and experimenting in carving green wood and trying to dry some in my shed.  mostly will want boards for relief carving but also some blocks.  can anyone offer guidance on how to plan my cutting of the tree? my chain saw and band saw are waiting for the next steps.

I've been carving with "found wood" for a couple of months mostly cherry and black walnut.Tried some oak it was  ok but black walnut was better.peter Follansbee's book was good for splitting,prepping and planing from logs.I also have two large european lindens in my front yard but i've only ever gotten 2'' sticks from them,they shade my house and I'm awfully careful with them but I like the way they carve.I not a fan of basswood.