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Hawaiian canoe relief


Hi everybody, wanted to share photos of my current project that has recently had a jump start and got me carving again. I’m a new member and posted a short introduction yesterday in the “new member “ topic heading. I’m grateful to have found Mary’s wood carving school in a search online!

I’m working on a relief in basswood of a Hawaiian canoe with sea life in foreground and cliffs in background. Probably bit off more than I can chew but I never gave up. Learning on the way, jumping around, and going way too deep! I’m half way finished and will attempt to make paddlers look better than stick men. I’ll keep you posted on progress and carve on!

Uploaded files:
  • 3272353E-8B4F-4EB9-B18B-726F4B48D259.jpeg
  • 3AE9C7DF-68BF-431B-A0E5-5FA258E20708.jpeg
  • 9396050F-46C3-4EE3-894D-101FC71DAD95.jpeg

Making some progress, will need very sharp, small chisels to work on paddlers. This is going to be extremely challenging for me, never carved stick men into semi-realistic people before.

Uploaded files:
  • FE048DA1-03FB-4158-A848-0114ABAC28B8.jpeg

Hello Randy,

Welcome to the school! Very tricky carving! but you have the technique down of making round objects and figures appear deeper by just rounding over the outer edges. Lots of complicated shapes and perspective issues, but you have done a fine job!  Those are some tiny people too 🙂

Cleaning up the relief, spent time working on the paddlers. Quit while you’re still ahead! Don’t know how to detail them or have proper tools to do it anyway so I’m now going to work on the frame next. Carve on everybody!

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Fabulous! Love how the shark is twisting out and you’ve got the little men just right.  Looking forward to seeing how you finish - will you sand it?  Yes I’m the same, when I get to a bit I’m unsure about I move onto another area and let it fester and hope for inspiration!  Keep going ?

Thank you Lucy for the inspiring words! Part of me wants to keep the chisel marks but I think I’ll lightly sand everything except the water and sky. Will be a first for me sanding smooth, looking forward to trying it out. The frame is going to be carved to look like large bamboo. Need to     get a large gouge to really round it off right. I’ll try to find a video online of rounding off wood  properly to look like realistic bamboo. I’ll post pics of progress.

Starting on the frame, trying to give it a bamboo look.  Carving is getting  challenging!

Uploaded files:
  • FE4AD15E-79D2-4E0C-B960-B5B438BD6A81.jpeg

Never seen anyone create a bamboo like frame before but it really works, very inspiring.  It’s come along well and the fine details on the boatmen are wonderful, so tiny, it must have been really challenging.  Will your next project be so challenging or will you give yourself something easier I wonder?!

Thank you for the kind words and glance at the carving Lucy. Finally finished with the bamboo frame, need to clean it up and think about oil finish. I really want to do Mary’s lessons in order. Will be great to follow along and see where it goes!

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Just wonderful.  You must be delighted.

Best wishes,