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Hello, new Member

Hello Everyone,


Just wanted to say Hi!

I just found out about this site after it was recommend by some members of the Hand Tool School. From what I can see so far learning to wood carve is going to be fun!

I do have one question on the tools. I’m a complete noobie when it comes to carving tools. I see the beginner fish tail set and I plan on buying that. But to go through all the lessons do that need to get the addition 1 and 2 sets?

Thank you in advance.

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SmokyRick Crawford

Are you asking about all of the lessons on Mary’s site? If so, it would probably be a good idea to invest in the additions. If just the beginner lessons, you should be good with the beginner set.

If you plan on carving well into the future, definitely get the additions!

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SmokyRick CrawfordDeleted user

Ahh that makes sense. I’ll start with the beginner and work my way up.


Thanks for for your help

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Matthew Mizner

Welcome Matthew Bowman! And thanks for answering his question, Matthew Mizner.

Please post any questions or progress photos on the forum! I hope you enjoy learning a new skill!


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Deleted user

Thank you so much @marymay!!

You come very highly recommended from my other woodworking forums and I’m excited to start learning.

I’m sure I’ll have questions along the way but I cannot wait until payday to start purchasing the tools and wood.

Interestingly enough I just inventoried my tools and was surprised to see how many I've acquired!  My suggestion would be to buy a few basic, quality tools and then add to your collection as the need arises.  When Mary has a lesson that intrigues me and the tool list has tools I don't have that's my incentive to open my wallet!  Have done the same with my over 50 years of furniture building and it worked well there.  Sometimes when you buy a set it may seem like the right thing to do but you also may end up with tools you never use -- thank goodness there's Ebay!