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Hydraulic lift carving table

I recently began taking on-line Mary May carving lessons.  I believe that it was in lesson one where the ideal height for the work piece was covered.  Mary made a passing comment about how it would be nice to have a height adjustable work surface.  I have built such a creature by installing a work bench on top of a Pittsburgh hydraulic lift table ( purchased from Harbor Freight for less than $300).  This has proven to be an ideal carving bench solution for me.  It has about 20” of vertical adjustment.  I did replace the cheap casters that came with the hydraulic table with better quality full locking casters obtained from My local Woodcraft storeLifttable

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Cool!! That's a great idea. I'm always concerned with casters that there will be some flex to the movement of the table, but if you conquered that with upgrading the casters, wonderful! I'm going to have to show this picture to my husband and see if he can get inspired to make me one 🙂