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Illuminated Lettering

I started carving these letters last year . It takes about a week to saw-carve and finish each letter. I am in process of completing the entire alphabet. I am using Walnut, Cherry, Silver Maple and quarter sawed Sycamore. I started carving 40 years ago when I began restoring antiques and had to replace missing parts, but now I am carving full time and doing Craft and Art shows.

Uploaded files:
  • Carved-Letter-A-1.JPG
  • Carved-LetterK-2.JPG
  • Carved-Letter-S-10.JPG

That is stunning! Really! And the entire alphabet?? Have fun, and I hope this turns out to be a wonderful way to earn some money. I look forward to seeing more.

Beautiful and original, very nice design, indiscutable quality of carving. Bravo!


Wow! That is awesome! Great job.