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Jelutong Sources?

Just getting into relief carving and I am noticing a lot of instructors really recommend but can't seem to find it anywhere near me or on online searches for USA suppliers.  I was wondering where everyone is going for their source of jelutong blanks?

I've never used jelutong and I've carved a lot of relief panels. I've used mahogany and walnut but mostly basswood. I suggest you use basswood also. It's readily available all over the place and in many different sizes.

Hi Tim,

I have never carved Jelutong, but have heard bird carvers use it a lot because of it's very clean and solid grain. I think it comes from the NorthWest area, and when I was searching for it as a possible substitute for basswood several years back I found it to be quite a bit more expensive than basswood.

Actually, Jelutong is from Malaysia and is a great wood to carve. It is a favorite of Ray Kinman, but even he admits it is very difficult to obtain.

Jelutong has fallen out of favor with many bird carvers because the fine dust from sanding the wood can cause serious lung irritation.  For some, it’s a serious toxic reaction.