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Jelutong Sources?

Just getting into relief carving and I am noticing a lot of instructors really recommend but can't seem to find it anywhere near me or on online searches for USA suppliers.  I was wondering where everyone is going for their source of jelutong blanks?

I've never used jelutong and I've carved a lot of relief panels. I've used mahogany and walnut but mostly basswood. I suggest you use basswood also. It's readily available all over the place and in many different sizes.

Hi Tim,

I have never carved Jelutong, but have heard bird carvers use it a lot because of it's very clean and solid grain. I think it comes from the NorthWest area, and when I was searching for it as a possible substitute for basswood several years back I found it to be quite a bit more expensive than basswood.

Actually, Jelutong is from Malaysia and is a great wood to carve. It is a favorite of Ray Kinman, but even he admits it is very difficult to obtain.