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LED Headlight

Has anybody had any experience using an led headlight for carving?  If so, was it a good experience and which headlight do you recommend?

Hi Lamar,

I haven't used this, but my husband has many of these because he climbs in attics for his work. I know he finds them good for if you are in areas where you can't hold a light in your hands, and you need focused light where you are working. Makes sense with carving, yes?

The concern I would have for carving is that the light would move a lot - basically whenever you moved your head - and not have steady, consistent light. Also, it would have direct light, and not side light that gives more shadow. That is where a simple desk lamp off to one side of your carving may work better.

Also, most have a small lighted area. I have always found those little desk lamps with a small bulb that shines a light on about 2 or 3 inches of work is frustrating because I'm constantly moving the carving around to view the different areas of carving.

But... these are just some potential issues I am imagining. It could work very well and help see details better. So give it a try and let me know!

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