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Lesson Request

I wonder if it is okay to post lesson requests...

I know that we can put together the techniques presented in the posted lessons but it would be cool to have a lessons on things that we hope to delve into.   For example:  high relief corbels.  The link below gives some excellent examples.


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I've got this as one of the chapters in my acanthus leaf book and will have a video that will go along with it. At this point that particular video lesson won't be part of the school but will be part of a series of lessons that go along with the book. But... I'm sure somewhere down the road there will be one added to the school. Will keep it in mind as a "to do" project. Thanks!

Aiming to have the book out sometime in September, depending on how this next phase goes.

I wish all the lessions you would do Mary may would be in they high relife in the Baroque and Rococo style. 🙂

Variety is the spice of life! The carving world could go in so many directions, and the most challenging thing about having a school is trying to fit projects into everyone's carving "style", and also skill level. I have many beginning carvers as members, and if every lesson were that detailed, I'm afraid I may leave some behind. I really love that old European style also, and definitely won't stop making lessons for these!