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Lie-Nielsen Open House

Attended the Lie-Nielsen open house for the first time yesterday and met Mary (she is surprisingly tall!) in the demonstration tent. It was a well-organized and enjoyable event. I highly recommend making an effort to attend this event next year if you are anywhere near Maine. I think there were more out-of-state vehicles in the lot than Maine ones so apparently many people pair a vacation with the Lie-Nielsen open house.

I came away all fired up about carving and woodworking (and expensive hand tools). I'm thinking seriously about those Auriou chisels - they're not that much more expensive than other chisels and they are beautiful.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Mary!

Thanks! It was great to connect faces with names and I think I met at least 35 of my online students for the first time. You DO have faces after all!

Happy shopping!