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Micro Tooyls - Are they necessary

Just getting started and carving some small Santas, etc...... I seem to always mess up around the nose and eyes.....Perhaps I need some smaller tools?  Currently have Marys Basic set, and some extra Pfiels and Flexcut, but have nothing in the 1 or 2 mm range... I have seen tutorials about how to carve eyes- and they suggest 1mm and 2mm gouge.


My question is - Should I buy those micro gouges, or just keep working on technique, with the expectation that tool are not most of the problem - I am....

Thanks in advance

Hi Wayne,

If you are specifically trying to carve tiny things such as eyes, it would be best to get the tools that really fit into those tight spaces and create the shapes you need. There are techniques of using larger ones to get the same shape, but why make things difficult? 🙂

Get the tools that fit the job, and down the road you can learn to make other tools fit...

Have fun!