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need advice on tool selection

Hi Mary

I am starting a new project, it has two large oak leaves.  I am having trouble with lowering down the background in-between the lobes where it gets narrow.  I know it will require another tool purchase, oh darn.  Would you recommend a skewed flat chisel or maybe a very narrow #11???  Or something else completely???

P.s.  looks like you have a bunch of odd posts.

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Hi Mark,

Yeah... the forum has been invaded by bots and it is has been nearly a full time job keeping them out.

About the tool - I would suggest something narrow and nearly flat. So maybe a #3, 2 or 3mm. If you get a #11, the gouge marks will be too aggressive and you won't really be able to do defining surface cuts. A flat chisel will probably dig in at the corners. A skew chisel can wor where the inside corners are very sharp.

Hope this helps and happy tool shopping!