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Need an admin folder!

Ill just stick this in here. Ever since I bought the iPhone 8, I can’t post any pictures. It always says I can’t post a file that large of a size. Can we up the picture size allowances withought filling up your server? I’ve tried to find a way to make the pictures a smaller size, but I’m hitting a brick wall.

Any help would be appreciated!

Guess I should have dug deeper into my phone settings before I posted this. I found a way to “dumb down” my picture file size.

But an admin folder maybe?

Sorry, but I am just not understanding.  What good would it do to have a different folder, if the rules are still the same?  Or are you thinking that would be a different type folder with different rules?  I guess I am lost.

Just meant an administrative folder at the bottom of the page to stick any questions regarding problems with the forum or website.  No biggie...