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New Carver

My father in-law (who is now 91 yrs old) has been carving since he was about 55 yrs old.  My house is filled with his wonderful gifted talent ( have attached just a few of the almost 150 carvings he has given to me).   He recently had to stop carving for health reasons and he has given me ALL of his carving tools. I am excited and overwhelmed at the same time. The online lessons are amazing and I still have my father in- law to sit next me and guide me along my beginners phase.

Any suggestions and tips would be welcomed!

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A few more treasures...

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Wow! what talent.  And what a resource for you to learn.  Treasure these days.

Well said Rick. Mary, your grandfather has great talent...pick his brain for as long as you can, while enjoying the moments!

He is so very talented! I am lucky to have him! Thank you!

What a wonderful gift to have your very talented grandfather beside you while you learn. He really does amazing work. Any assistance needed on the carving school, just ask. The thing I love about this forum is that it is the carving community that responds with such talent and variety and they are so encouraging.



Oh! So frustrated! But not giving up! My father in- law reminded me when he first started about his waste basket next to his carving bench....we would go visit it and there would be several started carvings tossed in there.  Okay....so not uncommon to lop off the center of your flower? ????

I see these pieces rolling across the floor quite often when I teach a beginning carving class. Take it in stride, alter the design slightly, laugh a bit, and keep going. The best way to learn what not to do next time ?