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New member need advice on purchasing tools

Hello everyone. I am a new member of this forum and would like to ask for your opinions on purchasing tools.

I have a bit of experience with wood working, mostly making basic tables, chairs and odd things at my factory from pallet wood in my free time. I picked up woodcarving a year ago as a hobby . Right now I'm using local made tools that I bought for $7 that includes 30!!! tools. They are made from truck springs, came unsharpened and without handles, and the profiles are all over the places. I made a few reliefs and carvings with them, but it took a lot of work.

I have decided to buy some quality tools to replace the ones I have. I own some Kirschen knives, so I know about the huge differences between high-end and cheap tools. I decided on Pfeil after watching Mary's very helpful videos, but since my budget is limited, I can only afford 5 tools right now. I live in Vietnam, so I have to be careful with my purchases, which could take weeks to arrive. As such, I would like to ask for your opinions on the basic tools for small and medium-sized relief carving.

Here is my current shopping list:

- 60°, 6mm V-tool. I understand that this one is indispensable.

- #3, 6mm fishtail for general shaping

- #3, 12mm straight gouge for shaping and flattening surfaces

- #5, 8mm straight gouge for shaping. I actually have something close to this shape, and I use it a lot.

- #7, 14mm straight gouge for removing a lot of wood

For chisels, since the shape is not as complicated as gouges, I can make do with my current truck spring 12mm fishtail chisel, and 10mm skew chisel. I can also exchange one more gouge to fishtail as well.

So what do you think? I want to buy a set of tools that is as useful and multi-tasking as possible, and use them for a few years before adding more to my collection.

Thank you!

Hi Bao,

The truck spring tools sound very interesting! Once they are sharpened, I'm sure they work great.

That tool list should work fine. The only one that I use more of is the #3, 14mm instead of the #3, 12mm. Such a small difference that it really shouldn't matter. I also use the #5, 6mm more than the #5, 8mm, but again, they can be interchanged as they are very close.

Have fun!!