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New Schaaf Tools

Schaaf Tools has just added two new additional sets to their line on Amazon. I have been so pleased with their original twelve piece set that I had to try these out. The seven piece set features some flatter profiles, a couple of fishtails along with a couple of U gouges. The four piece set is exclusively fishtails. The entire line offers a good variety and the sets compliment each other very well. They aren't quite as "refined" out-of-the--box as some of the "high-end" brands but if you are willing to sharpen them up they perform extremely well. They take and hold a very good edge and are well shaped. These are priced about one third to one forth of the "high-end" tools but perform as well as any I own. They all come with some very good tool rolls also. There are a couple of professional carvers that have reviews of the brand on youtube that are worth checking out. Have fun.

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Charles Hubbard

Glad to hear the new tools check out. I'm VERY pleased with the original set. I like the concept of them insuring the quality of the steel and not worrying about the grind to save the lion's share of the cost. If it lessened the cost more, I would be happy to take them with no kind at all! Heck, I end up changing them to my specs anyway. It's all about the steel!