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People wanting to buy carvings

Hi there!


Haven't posted in a while, been carving like a manic for a year now. I have been mainly focused on lettering and carved signs. I have completed 3 projects now that people want to buy or that I have created for a customer that is customized for them. I was talking with my husband (a fellow woodworker) and he was encouraging me to brand my work now that it is turning into a business, which has been a distant dream of mine that is now actually happening! haha

I have been trying to figure out if I should sign my work, and if so, how and where I should brand it. Not sure if people do their initials, name, or what the case may be. Was hoping to get opinions, I don't want to take attention away from the carving or appear that I marked up someone's custom carving, but I also have read it is really important to brand work so that it isn't forged as someone else's. My work is nowhere near the level that it is being hunted down by thieves haha but I am working hard to get to that level >D

Here is an example of the signs I have made, to give an idea of where I might put my signature if at all.

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SmokyRick Crawford

Hello Sienna,

Your signs are lovely! It is a good idea to somehow put your name on your carvings. You can purchase small branding irons that burn your logo or initials into the wood. There are several companies that make these, but you will need to google "Branding irons for wood". Something small, put in the corner wouldn't distract too much. Or maybe put it on the side of the wood? Think of a logo that means something to you (a butterfly?) Or simply S.P. in decorative lettering. Talk to these companies that make the branding irons and see what they offer.

Good luck in your new venture (and adventure!)

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