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Pfeil customer service...

Just thought I would pass along a feel good story, well, for me at least!

Awhile ago I had bought a fishtail gouge from Pfeil. When I got it, I noticed the gouge had been forged very thin along one of the sides. It was pretty bad, and made the bevel look like a sideways triangle. I thought maybe I could somehow regrind the bevel on my stones, and after an hour knew there was no way the gouge could ever be fixed.

I ended up emailing Pfeil directly since I could not return the gouge after sharpening it. I explained what I received and sent a pic. After 2 weeks of not hearing anything, I pretty much gave up. Well, today in the mail I got a box. With a brand new gouge!

Best customer service I’ve had in awhile. And a testament that they really do honor their lifetime warranty.


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Eli PearlmanMichael Duncan

Great to know! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your shiny new gouge.

Totally am...and I get a beater gouge out of it!

Feeling good is always good. It says a lot for the company.